Classes begin mid September (usually the Monday after Labor Day) and run to late May. Classes are progressive and good attendance is important. The end of the year is celebrated with an annual Recital, usually the first weekend in June, in which all classes and competitive dances are showcased. There is a two week break over Christmas, and a one week March Break. No classes are held on Holidays, but classes ARE  held on school in-service days.  Digby Dance Studio observes the following Holidays and Breaks (no classes are held on these days): Halloween, Rememberance Day, Thanksgiving, 2 week Christmas Break, 1 week March Break, Easter weekend (Fri-Mon), Heritage Day, and Victoria Day.

**Terms of payment account for all breaks and holidays and one cancellation per month.**           

Class Cancellation Policy
If Digby schools are cancelled due to current or impending weather, dance classes are automatically cancelled as well. This includes early dismissal due to weather. This is for weather-related cancellations ONLY. There are still classes on school in-service days. A make-up class will be held if there are 2 or more cancellations in a row.Due to the extremely low attendance rate of make-up classes held on Saturdays, make-up classes will be combined with another class of similar style and age group during the week. All classes are allowed 1 cancellation per month before a make up class is held.Class tuition is for the year; all monthly payments are equal regardless of how many classes there are in that month. 

Payment Policy
Tuition is for the year, but an affordable monthly payment plan is offered with equal monthly payments due on the first of each month. If payment is not received by the end of the month, there will be a $5 late fee charged, and student/s will not be able to return to class until that monthly payment has been made in full. If more than one NSF cheque is received a cash or electronic payment only policy will be applied. There is an $8 NSF cheque fee for each cheque that is returned NSF.  If payment is not received 2 months in a row, the student(s) will be automatically terminated from the program for the remainder of the year.

Refund Policy
First month’s payment (to be included with registration form) reserves the students’ spot in the class(es) for the year and is non-refundable. If a student withdraws from class any other advance payments will be refunded. Refunds cannot be given for any payments on Costumes or Competition fees once they have been sent, as these companies have an absolute no refund policy.

Digby Dance Studio reserves the right to dismiss any student without refund for reasons including but not limited to: consistent late or non-payment, consistent tardiness or absenteeism, non-participation, inappropriate behaviour or language in class.

It is assumed that all dancers will participate in the spring recital, usually the first weekend in June. Please let me know if for some reason you are not. Students will be required to purchase costumes for the recital. In order to help alleviate the cost of these costumes, we have an annual Dance Marathon fundraiser, usually in November. Each participant in this fundraiser will benefit by having a percentage of their total costume fees reduced, depending on the total amount of money raised. Costumes average around $75-$95 and are ordered in December. 

*Costume companies have a no-refund policy. If your child has to withdraw from class after submitting their costume fee it will not be possible to have it refunded.

Ticket purchase will be required for parents/family/friends to watch the recital. Tickets are $8 each ($6.95 +HST). Performers are not required to purchase a ticket. Dress Rehearsal and Recital are held in Cornwallis.

Helpers/Assistant/Student Teachers
Some classes may be taught by a Student Teacher or have help from an Assistant Teacher or Helper. A brief description of each would be; Helper – helps with supervision and demonstration of the exercises. Assistant Teacher – helps with supervision and demonstrating, and choreographs the class dance for recital. Student Teacher – teaches the class and also choreographs the recital dance under guidance and training from the Director. All Helpers, Assistant Teachers, and Student Teachers are trained by the Director, who holds a SOCAN licence, as well as AIDT, CDTA, Acro Arts, and Acrobatique teaching certifications. Full instructors have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.


Many notices will be sent home in class throughout the year to keep students and parents informed of what’s happening at the studio. Copies are also sent via email. Please make sure to provide a current, working email address. Please add digbydance@hotmail.com to your contacts or safe senders list so you don’t miss out on important notices! Extra notices are also available on the table in the lobby and posted on the bulletin board. Please check the board often to make sure you are up to date on all notices.

New and returning students are asked to please fill out the registration form IN FULL each year, and indicate any changes in address, phone number, or email. It is important to have contact information up to date in case of emergency. Please make a note if any student has allergies or conditions (i.e. asthma) and if any medications are taken.

*All public events and/or performances may be photographed/videotaped. Digby Dance Studio reserves the right to use such pictures or videos for promotional purposes.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Sabrinia Patterson



Phone: (902) 245-6828                                                     

Email: digbydance@hotmail.com  

PO BOX 1256                                      Facebook – Digby Dance (add to your friends)

Digby, NS                                              Website - www.digby-dance-studio.com

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